Save to Your Device Home Screen – iOS

Follow the steps below to add as an icon on your iOS smart device home screen.

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Follow the steps below to add to your iOS device home screen for easy access. Click on any image to expand the picture.

Step 1
Open the Safari browser and visit (this site) web tool on your iPhone or iPad.

iOS - Step 1

Step 2
Click the Share icon at the bottom of your device screen.

iOS - Step 2

Step 3
On the Share menu that displays, scroll down and click the Add to Home Screen option.

iOS - Step 3

Step 4
On the Add to Home Screen display, click the Add button to add to your home screen.

iOS - Step 4

Step 5
View your home screen to find the new icon. Click this icon at any time to visit the web tool.

iOS - Step 5